Scheme Web Dev

Scheme implementations in the browser

Name Interpreter Compiler Target Macros Tail calls call/cc Libraries
BiwaScheme Native JS No R7RS define-macro Full Full? No
Chibi-Scheme Emscripten No R7RS syntax-rules (R7RS) Full Partial R7RS
Gambit Emscripten To .js R7RS define-macro, syntax-rules (R5RS) Full Full R7RS
LIPS Native JS No R7RS define-macro, syntax-rules (R7RS, SRFI-46) No No No


The schemeweb mailing list (archives, subscribe) is the primary place for discussions on the topic, and specific projects (prior to their being elevated to SRFIs). Website source is in a git repository.

Many relevant repositories can be found in the Schemeweb GitHub organization.